Reasons For Migration

Migration in its simplest definition is the movement of people from one place to another; mostly people in today’s time would only migrate to another city or country for better work opportunities and lifestyle. However, in the past, history has known to witness major migrations across countries for political reasons. Another significant migration is that people from rural areas shift to urban areas in desire of a better socioeconomic condition. A better paid job is undoubtedly the most popular reason for people shifting from one place to another. Those who migrate for job are mostly skilled labour. They often get employed on various projects or are paid daily for their work hours.

Other reasons include: a good quality education for you if you are a student or for your children if you are a grown up. Absence of basic life facilities such as provision of food, healthcare, water and sanitation are also some of the reasons that compel people to migrate from their hometowns to cities which offer them these facilities. But the very idea of migration is quite debatable. Once people migrate to cities, they often find themselves devoid of the very facilities that perhaps attracted them to city life in the first place. This has also led to growth of slum areas in all major cities around the world.

With increasing rural population moving to cities, mostly men means that there is less work force left behind, this automatically affects the crop yield. On the other hand, because there are more people in cities than required, it creates competition among workers for access to basic facilities. This also puts unnecessary pressure on the existing infrastructure. It can in extreme cases lead to crimes and pollution of natural resources such as air and water. Apart from these drawbacks, migration can also be beneficial for those who do actually find job, so in a way it can help reduce unemployment. In addition, it can bring a lot of cultural changes in your life. You learn about new places, people, customs, food, language, in short an entire way of life.

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