Merbau Decking In Comparison With The Timber Decking

Merbau decking is the type of the timber decking Melbourne and there was a time when people only used merbau decking in the types of the timber decking for their outdoor decking and then there came the time when people even started using this in the house frames as well. Although merbau decking is still very popular but the other types of the timber has taken over the merbau and now most of the people use these timber decking. Even though merbau still offers very good advantages and still is very much durable decking choice. One of the reasons why people still use merbau is because it is less costly than many of the timbers and just like the high-quality timber it is resistant to the rotting and insects. The merbau material which is commonly used these days is originated in the rainforest of the south Asian. Although, you must go for the sustainable harvested kind of merbau because it is friendly for the environment, however it costs a little extra in the price but it is worth the price.  

If you do not want to use the merbau then there are other famous types as well of the timber which are new in the market but are gaining popularity. The latest kind of the timber decking is the treated pine. Although, it has just been introduced but it is already getting a lot of popularity because of the reason that it is very less expensive but it gives a great look and the quality it offers is also good and because the paint could last easily on this decking therefore you can paint you deck in whatever style you like. Although, the treated pine is very much dependent on the climate and therefore always ask from the timber decking supplies company to help you out in this manner and to choose the treated pine of good quality which will be suitable for your outdoor decking.

The most expensive timber decking types is the Jarrah but it is what you pay for because it is such high and refined timber which gives you a beautiful natural color and texture. Many people do not even consider other types but the Jarrah because it is very much elegant. Another reason is that it is good in the area and the climate which is very hot because it is resistant to the fire which is a very rare quality in the range of the wood and due to this it makes it very unique.