Before choosing us, you must be aware with our top-quality services. We are serving a big area of South Australia by offering marketing, real estate sales, auctions, leasing, clearing sales, livestock sales and property management. We have very good supportive staff to work in Mid North Region/Port Pirie along with Roxby Downs, Broken Hill and Yorke Peninsula.

Wardle Co. was working as stock agency in 1988 named as a Wardle and Butterfield located at Crystal Brook but after passage of more than 7 years Tom Wardle was the sole proprietor of the company and changed the name to Wardle Co, At the time of beginning in 1988 there were many experiences learnt by the owner and Tom Wardle did an awesome job to grow the company in the field of Livestock and Real Estate. Company’s current position is the proof of hardworking of Tom Wardle. Without making ultimate effort no business could be run smoothly and also can’t survive for long time in the industry and Tom Wardle was very much know to this fact so he did his best efforts as much ability he has to do.


At this time Wardle Co is the leading stock agency and Maitland real estate in the region owned by sole director and this is only because of growth in property sales for more than 3 decades also Livestock agency and property management played a big role to set us as a leader in the region. In this company there is a very big support of family as Tom’s son James Wardle became the Sales Manager and company auctioneer. James Wardle joined the company with background of property valuation having a very good motivation to grow up in the industry also he has much skills regarding customer’s satisfaction. With the help of James Wardle Company’s client number in very short time.


Wardle Co has adopted a very unique strategy for the company’s growth and it results also. At this time Wardle Co is leading the industry and a big network like our company can’t be found in all over Australia. We have long journey and this makes us to provide best level services to our beloved and valued customers also we have set very reasonable and affordable commission rate that can easily be bear by every common man.
Many peoples are worried to decide about the real estate company and process for sale/purchase of property at their own but in many times, they have to face problems and it results in big loss. Therefore, we recommend you to visit us for houses for sale, real estate sales and it is surety that you will get much benefits.

Get World Class Service And Celebrity Treatment At Double Tree By Hilton

Singapore is a small but a beautiful country and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many luxury hotels in Singapore, and the doubletree by Hilton is one of the leading hotels amongst them. The hotel is located in the centre of the Singapore and discovers a variety of exciting spots nearby. Relax and unwind and enjoy staying in chic rooms with air conditioning systems and free Wi-Fi. From a tourist perspective, the doubletree is a perfect spot for a stay because it is located at a 20-minute distance from the Singapore Changi International Airport. The doubletree is situated in the centre of the shopping district, and the hotel itself is a convenient shopping destination for the travellers because it has two floors of luxury shopping spots.

Amenities at Double tree by Hilton

Modern Rooms and Suites

The large windows in the contemporary rooms can give you a beautiful view of the city straight from the window of your room. The flat-screen LCD TV screen is sure to blow your mind with its extraordinary screen display and HD sound quality. If you have the privilege to stay in an executive room or a suite, you can get yourself a spate working area and you can take care of the piled-up leftover work in a peaceful spot. You can also have access to complimentary Wi-Fi at a high-end speed. The executive lounge is also available to offer exclusive business support and facilities. Looking for a modern rooms and suites you can click this page in such reliable information.

Dining Options at Doubletree

Choose from the several dining options prepared exclusively by the best chefs in town. Enjoy the seafood at Opus bar and Grill or grab a bite of the exotic Italian dishes available at the rooftop Italian restaurant. If you are in the mood to relax, Sky bar is the perfect spot for you to enjoy the sunset along with some delicious snacks.
Host a Business or Personal Event at DoubleTree

The hotel has 17 large scale meeting rooms that are decorated in an innovative style ideal for holding a grand business meeting or a close family gathering. The rooms provide high technology multimedia and advanced facilities to cater to your business needs. You can also host a grand wedding party at a doubletree and make your big day a huge success at this beautiful venue.

Get the Best Services at DoubleTree

Are you a gym freak and get worried about your workout schedule during a holiday? Don’t worry because the doubletree has a great fitness centre, and you can continue with your fitness regime even on your trip. Enjoy the free sauna or dive into the swimming pools for a quick swim double tree has it all sorted out for you.

Benefits That You Can Experience By Working With A Property Managing Company

Is your dream to become a land lord or land lady one day? Do you have commercial property that you want to rent out to tenants? This might actually sound so easy to do but in reality, it’s one of the hardest tasks in the entire world. It is not easy to rent out your property to another party and ensure that things are going to go smoothly because a number of problems can easily happen for sure. So if you do want to take on the title of land lady or land lord but allow someone else to handle the responsibility, you can hire a property managing company for your property. This is a step or measure taken by a number of property owners in the world and so, you can do the same as well! Once you do start working with a property managing company, you will see that it is nothing but beneficial for you but make sure you only hire a reputed and experienced company! So below are the advantages that you would experience by working with a property managing company?

Do you want the best tenants?

One of the biggest problems that many land owners face is having tenants that are irresponsible or simply of bad nature. When you hire your property to such tenants on contractual terms, you might run in to a lot of different issues that you simply do not want to deal with. A real estate in Berry NSW company is going to screen every single tenant that wants to apply for your property and with such a screen, they can find the very best people for your property.

Do you want rent collected on time?

The second biggest advantage of working with a property management company is that you would be able to collect your rent right on time without any hassle at all. When you are not able to have responsible and high quality tenants in your property, collecting rent on time is naturally going to be a big issue. But the property managing company professionals will always get involved and ensure that your rent money is collected and delivered right on time to you.

Do you want no legal problems?

There is going to be a lot of legal issues that are going to come your way when you do not have high quality tenants and do not have professionals to manage your property either. So by working with a property managing company, we are able to make sure that there are no legal problems that would come our way whatsoever.