All About Stand-up Comedians

Stand-up comedy as the name represents is the kind of the act which is performed by an artist while standing in front of the people. In this technique, usually the comedian is directly talking to the people and engaging these in his act. The comedian who performs the stand-up comedy is therefore, designated as the stand-up comedian. The stand up comedians create an illusion of a dialog by telling a story or some short jokes. Most of the stand-up comedians only performs the acts they have written but some others also utilize some props and tricks in their act.

Types of the humour performed by the stand-up comedians:

The acts that the stand-up comedians perform could range from different types such as the observational comedy in which the comedian observes the public and include them in their jokes and then there are dark, cringe, clean and blue comedies as well. The difference between the stand-up comedians acts and the traditional comedy acts is that the stand-up comedian performs in an unexpected manner and takes the audience by surprise. Sometimes he would go and tell stories about dogs or any other life aspect.

Where do the stand-up comedian perform?

The common places to perform these type of the acts include the bars, clubs, some nightclubs or at a private party. Some people also perform at the colleges and the theatre and on live television as well. But since the advent of the internet, many people now record the stand-up comedian from their homes and uploads it on the internet or sends these through CDs or even DVDs.

How long does it take to perfect the art of the stand-up comedian?

The stand-up requires creativity, innovation and above all patience. It is not matter of months that a stand up comedy in Sydney becomes popular but usually it takes around 10 years for any beginners to expert the acts. The important thing in this procedure is that you keep on learning and you learn from your experience and mistakes. What a comedian must not do is give up because he will face many critiques from the audience and his act will not be perfect in the start but he must go on.

How much money do the stand-up comedian make?

The stand-up comedy is now practiced all around the world and there are number of famous stand-up comedian who earned quite a lot from this but one thing everyone should know that the stand-up comedian career will not start to give you money and success as soon as you start but in the early years, usually around five years you will not be able to make much since you will have to invest more in travelling to the places to perform your act. The amount that you make from one performance depends upon the place you are performing and how experienced and famous you are. People would pay you according to this.