Before choosing us, you must be aware with our top-quality services. We are serving a big area of South Australia by offering marketing, real estate sales, auctions, leasing, clearing sales, livestock sales and property management. We have very good supportive staff to work in Mid North Region/Port Pirie along with Roxby Downs, Broken Hill and Yorke Peninsula.

Wardle Co. was working as stock agency in 1988 named as a Wardle and Butterfield located at Crystal Brook but after passage of more than 7 years Tom Wardle was the sole proprietor of the company and changed the name to Wardle Co, At the time of beginning in 1988 there were many experiences learnt by the owner and Tom Wardle did an awesome job to grow the company in the field of Livestock and Real Estate. Company’s current position is the proof of hardworking of Tom Wardle. Without making ultimate effort no business could be run smoothly and also can’t survive for long time in the industry and Tom Wardle was very much know to this fact so he did his best efforts as much ability he has to do.


At this time Wardle Co is the leading stock agency and Maitland real estate in the region owned by sole director and this is only because of growth in property sales for more than 3 decades also Livestock agency and property management played a big role to set us as a leader in the region. In this company there is a very big support of family as Tom’s son James Wardle became the Sales Manager and company auctioneer. James Wardle joined the company with background of property valuation having a very good motivation to grow up in the industry also he has much skills regarding customer’s satisfaction. With the help of James Wardle Company’s client number in very short time.


Wardle Co has adopted a very unique strategy for the company’s growth and it results also. At this time Wardle Co is leading the industry and a big network like our company can’t be found in all over Australia. We have long journey and this makes us to provide best level services to our beloved and valued customers also we have set very reasonable and affordable commission rate that can easily be bear by every common man.
Many peoples are worried to decide about the real estate company and process for sale/purchase of property at their own but in many times, they have to face problems and it results in big loss. Therefore, we recommend you to visit us for houses for sale, real estate sales and it is surety that you will get much benefits.

Waterproofing Is A One-Time Investment For The Rest Of Life

We all are aware of the fact that our houses are made of wood right? This is so cool to live in a wooden house with everything classy and in good shape but there are some drawbacks too which comes hand in hand with the benefits such as: water issue. Now this is something common that we all have that basement area which we use for the washing purpose, clothes washing and everything related to water, sometimes we built a nice washroom as well in order to utilize the space of the basement. Now comes the troubling part, since wooden flooring and wood is not very good reactive to water it reacts badly and the whole stuff ruins up really bad. Anyways, this is not something incurable initially there were some companies which used to provide to make the whole area waterproof. But now things have entirely changed and lot of competitors in the field of waterproofing has been entered. Similarly different technologies and developments have also been emerged in 21st century. So it has become an investment for lifetime now, let discuss some important aspects related to waterproofing services:


The basic and the most important aspect which is also considered as the first step in waterproofing process is inspection. Under inspection they survey the complete area and analyze how much and material would be suitable for the betterment and considerable results. Anyways, after this step the service providers usually give the budget of complete job. Mostly the reason behind inspection is to analyze the cracks and uneven surface on the floor and walls. Walls are optional for roof waterproofing in Sydney but yes flooring is a must place to apply water proofing solution.

Formula for waterproofing:

There are some liquids, fluids and other stuff available which the service providers have to decide before time. Because, the step 2 is to leave the surface with the coating of waterproofing elements and other fluids, the inspection of surface was actually for the purpose that cracks can be filled with the best waterproofing cement. This formula for waterproofing should be coated all over and it will be left for at least 2 days so that it could be absorbed inside the surface altogether. Visit https://www.justwaterproofing.com.au/gosford.html for further information regarding waterproofing in Gosford.

Make the surface even…

After two days the service providers come for inspection two see for any inside water leakage or anything weird on the surface of the floor (especially this happens for the wooden flooring). This is something very important otherwise the whole fluid expense would be wasted, anyways once they are satisfied with the result they coat it again with the similar fluid in order to keep things intact with the previous coating.

There are still different approaches of different service waterproofing providers but most commonly the aforementioned are considered.